Rachel Jones

Working with me since October 2013
Original Goal – Improving Lower Back Strength and Level of Fitness
Current Goal – Improving General Fitness

“I have been personal training with Ben for almost a year now and the outcome has been so rewarding. I was initially only going to have 2 sessions shortly after I joined the gym for the first time. I hated the idea of personal training and went very nervously to my first session, very quickly this was overcome and I became very comfortable during my first session which was challenging but fun. I decided to continue training as at the time I had recently been involved in a car accident and had suffered severe whiplash injuries to my back, which Ben promised he could help overcome were physiotherapy had failed to do so. A year on and I can safely say that the promise has been met, through lots of different exercises, learning lots of new equipment and stretching my back is now a lot stronger and most importantly for me – pain free. The journey to this was far from easy, but Ben would always there; he was both encouraging and supporting and would be there in times of need. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for him! I continue to train now with added goals of improving my general fitness to become a fitter and healthier person with the aim of running a half marathon next year. As a trainer Ben is friendly, reliable and very caring. I cannot thank him enough for how much he has helped me and I thoroughly recommend him as a trainer whatever your experience and goals may be.”

Hattie Jordan

Since November 2013
Original Goal – Half Marathon Training & Level of Fitness
Current Goal – Improving Fitness, Tone Up & Beat PB’s

“I started personal training with Ben a year ago and since then my strength and fitness has massively improved. When I had my first personal training session I was really unfit and had never done any strength training before. Although I was nervous of weights and the machines, Ben took me through everything and worked at my pace to make sure I was happy with what I was doing but still pushing me beyond my comfort level to start and see results. I was worried I would feel awkward having a personal trainer with me, but as Ben is friendly and approachable that was never an issue.
Ben is flexible and will work with individual goals to get the specific results that you want. At first I was working towards a half-marathon and Ben created a training plan to help me towards my goal. I am now working towards overall strength and fitness and Ben has adapted my training to my new objectives, and was more than happy to do so.
I look forward to going to my sessions with Ben, as the workout will always be challenging but enjoyable. Ben keeps track of your progress and makes every step forward feel like a true achievement, so you can feel that way too!”

Abbie Barton

Since January 2013
Original Goal – Get Leaner, Stronger & Lose Fat
Current Goal – In Training for a Bikini Competition

“It is safe to say that before I met Ben Clarke, I was pretty uneducated about food and fitness. I used to think that eating loads of fruit and running endlessly on a treadmill, would keep me thin. Since working with Ben my ideologies of what is healthy and how I want my body shape to be, has completely changed. He has helped me sculpt and shape my body, bigger and beyond what I thought was possible. I am building up a strong, healthy and lean body mass through weight training; an area of the gym I would never have ventured into before working with Ben.
I used to think weights equalled bulk, but actually it equals sexy! On seeing the smooth and honed muscle definition created through weight training, I am determined to build and define more. Through Ben’s educating, I am now on my way to a strong and powerful body. I have buckets of energy and feel a completely different person. It is pretty safe to say that Ben’s clear cut and direct teaching of compound weight training, mixed with boxing and ballet techniques has 100% transformed my body and attitude for the better.

The biggest hurdle Ben helped my overcome was my diet. I used to eat like crap, thinking a load of fruit and low fat produce was good for you. Through positive guidance and trust I gained in Bens knowledge, I am now eating like a king! Full fat everything, lots of healthy carbs and protein; thinking of food in food types and nutrition, rather than breakfast lunch and dinner. I am eating to fuel my body and feel incredible for it.
Ben has gone above and beyond to help me on my training mission to become a bigger and better person, literally! I want to thank him for all his help, dedication and patience. He has transformed my body and attitude from a state of confusion to a strong, powerful, radiant and above all more confident persona. I am forever grateful, as I wouldn’t be where I am now in my mind and body without Ben.”

Bethan Laker

Since October 2013
Original Goal – Improving Lower Back Strength and Get In Shape
Current Goal – More Muscle Definition & Keep Progressing and See Body Change

“I have been training with Ben for over a year now and still can’t believe the results I am seeing! Although I have never been one to need to lose weight or diet; I wanted to tone up, improve my overall fitness, and create a few new challenges along the way…. The goal posts to these challenges, I must admit, just keep moving along with my progress!
In September 2013 when Ben initially mentioned the ‘W’ word (weight training!); my first reaction was I don’t want to get big! What was I thinking?! With Ben’s expertise and knowledge he has not only taught me that ‘you won’t just get big’ but has also educated and demonstrated to me the correct ways to train and eat in order for me to create the body shape that I want, whilst refining techniques and explaining the reasons behind movements and the mechanics of the body.
All of the above has inspired my passion for weight training and has allowed me to develop, most importantly, faith in myself and my own abilities. If you had asked me a year ago if I ever thought I’d deadlift more than my body weight I would have just laughed….. Now, about 6 months on, I am lifting nearly twice my body weight and loving weight training and the results it gives!

Ben is nothing but encouraging, supportive and professional. He is always patient, putting up with my moaning when it gets tough but always gets the absolute most out of me in a session. Ben knows my limits so much better than I do and constantly knows how to push them to the next level.
All in all, training with Ben is awesome! I wouldn’t have a single complaint about the service Ben has provided me and can honestly say that I am very excited for the next 6 months! Great value for money, distinctive and consistent results, and one committed trainer who always has my best interests and goals in mind. I would most certainly recommend Ben to anyone looking to maximise their workouts and achieve new fitness goals….whatever they may be!”

Jonny Cooper

Since November 2014
Original Goal – Improving Health & Wellbeing and Get In Shape
Current Goal – Improving Range of Motion and Drop Body Fat %

No matter what, Benjamin has always given me a substantial workout and proves with his knowledge and own physical stature that he knows exactly what he is doing to help you to succeed. Personal objectives becomes his working goal and he will not let you appear to suffer in a workout alone. No, Benjamin chooses his time to explain the reasons behind the particular workouts and also helps load weights on, spurs you on and shows me the best way to do things.
I thought I knew enough about workouts to satisfy my own needs. It is surprising just how much knowledge he holds and how much he knows about my body. Not only giving me a good exercise routine but he has given me nutrition advise although I have not followed them, fully lol.

It is also great to see how you’re performing; Benjamin takes video footage of my workouts so he can allow me to see what goals I am overcoming, and just how to do the workout by myself.

He has taken my personal problems without asking about it, overlooks it and really makes my efforts feel approved. I do have physical and speech disabilities but including both Benjamin does not even batter an eyelid, yet helps me out in all situations where I need to use it. For example; Benjamin and I normally always get on a leg machine (leg press) where I need my left arm to control the machine as well as my right. As I cant move my left properly, Benjamin promptly and efficiently stops  the machine when needed.

Quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger which I am sure Benjamin holds and stands by for his clients.
“The best activities for your health are pumping and humping”

Harriet Bryant

Since November 2014
Original Goal – Improving Strength for an Extreme Obstacle Race

Current Goal – Be able to Squat 100kg & Deadlift 110kg

Looking in the mirror nearly a year on from my first PT session I barely recognise the person staring back at me. My skin is glowing, I’m smiling, I’m confident and strong, I’m healthy, fit and happy, and I owe this all to Ben Clarke.

I started training with Ben to build upper body strength for an obstacle race. During my first PT session I could barely finish a set of exercises without struggling to keep the weights off the floor. Although I was embarrassed at how weak and unfit I was Ben quickly made me at ease and reassured me that it wouldn’t be long until I was lifting weights I could only dream about. He listened and understood what I wanted to achieve and tailored my training sessions and programmes to help me not just reach but truly smash my goals. He cheers me on, shows nothing but confidence, faith and trust in me. He pushes me so much further than I ever thought I was physically and mentally capable of.


As well as my weekly PT session with Ben I am now following a weight training programme four to five times a week. I am deadlifting, squatting and pressing weights that are more than my own bodyweight, something that I am extremely proud of. The faddy fat free and diet foods I once thought were good for me are long gone and I am now eating like the champion that I feel I am. Ben has taught me not to care about the number on the scales and know that skinny doesn’t necessary mean fit and healthy, it’s how I feel about myself that counts.

Ben is not only a PT, he is an educator, a nutritionist, a therapist for those bad days and a friend. I cannot speak of him highly enough, anyone looking for a personal trainer stop your search, you have found the best in the business right here.

If you think you are ready, contact Ben now