1-2-1 Personal Training in Bath

It’s time to transform your body, what are you waiting for?

1-2-1 Transformation Training in Bath

​Rewrite the way you think about exercise and the gym by training with me. I will teach you technique and form are the keys to success. With my guidance your improvements will be vast, hitting new weight targets and improving your fitness and strength levels at the same time.Personal Coaching is the best way to get the most out of yourself and your training, as well as taking you through workouts tailored to individual goals and needs. I will guide you through lifestyle and nutrition that supplements training and will get the desired results! In my eyes everyone needs a coach or a mentor to push you and get to your goals quicker.

“Only those who dare to fail, can ever achieve greatly”

“With Ben’s expertise and knowledge he has not only taught me that ‘you won’t just get big’ but has also educated and demonstrated to me the correct ways to train and eat in order for me to create the body shape that I want, whilst refining techniques and explaining the reasons behind movements and the mechanics of the body” – Bethan Laker

Session Cost

  • 12 Sessions - £600
  • 24 Sessions - £1080
  • Monthly Sessions - minimum 4 a month - £180
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