Online personal training

It’s time to transform your body, what are you waiting for?

Convenient personal training

For those of you who can’t come and see me in Bath; but still want access to quality coaching and guidance, I offer online personal training options that have helped many to transform appearances.

The initial online coaching plan cover a 12 week period; this will include a consultation, individual calibrated nutrition and training programme, 1-2-1 training session (every 4 weeks) with a constant check in with myself to ensure you are achieving your goals and maintaining them

If you are looking for a change in your body whether its to lose weight, build muscle, become stronger all are very attainable with my help.

“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself”

I ask every new client to keep a food diary of exactly what is consumed during the first week of training. Then I will assess and change what is needed to make the desired individual goals. With constant updating and changing on the plan depending on your bodies reaction and rate of improvement of muscle growth or weight loss.

The program will be a comprehensive, periodically challenging  and will have guaranteed results that just need maintaining. From weight training to cardio you complete the programme to the best of your ability benefiting you in every single way.

Online Training Plans

  • Online training plans start from £100 per month
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