Training Programs

It’s time to transform your body, what are you waiting for?

Training Programs made in Bath

Training needs to be periodised and challenging, with my programs you will see benefits straight away. A tailored program will be used to improve weak points, balance out an individuals posture and still pressing forward with individual goals.

“At first I was working towards a half-marathon and Ben created a training plan to help me towards my goal. I am now working towards overall strength and fitness and Ben has adapted my training to my new objectives, and was more than happy to do so.” – Hattie Jordan

It’s time to transform your body

Depending on your individual skills and goals, every program needs to be different. If you are thinking of exercising for the first time or have been for years, you still need to be challenged and worked correctly for your own needs. Following a generic program will only get you so far. Investing in me, is investing into bettering your training!

The improvements you achieve will be a direct result from believing and trusting in the training system.

Training Plans

  • Individual Training Plan from £100
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