About me

Bath based personal trainer, Ben Clarke can help you with your fitness

Hello, I am Ben Clarke

I’m a Bath based coach that is here to guide you to your own personal goals and aspirations. I’m here to educate and coach you to achieve the goals you want to achiev.

Firstly, your goal is very attainable through the knowledge and service that I provide. These results stem from the constant standard I adhere to, for myself and my clients. I know that from my own personal experience achieving and constantly changing my own goals within the fitness industry that anything is possible you just need someone to help you reach it. Let’s change the way you think about exercise, nutrition and lifestyle.

My story started when I finished university after graduating with a BSc in Sports Science and struggled to find something that I was desperate to start a career with. I worked in a mundane job content with life, until one day looked in the mirror and decided that enough was enough and I would change myself for good. This resulted in me starting to exercise frequently in a gym that I was never fond of, but I knew it was the way forward.

It’s time to transform your body

Once I started seeing the changes desired, I became in love with the satisfaction that it’s completely down to you. Your effort dictates your results, it’s so rewarding and that feeling stuck with me. This led me to become a Personal Trainer, I was then able to teach others that the desired look and feel about your body is achievable. To which now I run a highly established Personal Training business that has been getting results out of people for 7 years now, my clients and myself are proof of that!

Till this day I continue to be on a journey with regards to my lifestyle, training and much more. Exercise and fitness as a whole has dramatically changed for me; stemming from a sporting background playing at high standards in basketball, football and rugby. To now focusing on a goal of constantly improving the body and mind, whilst trying to forever learn in an industry that is ever changing.


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