Ben Clarke, Personal trainer

Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen

Bath based Personal Training Specialist who can transform you, whatever your goals are.

It’s time to transform your body, what are you waiting for?


1- 2-1 Transformation Training will make you stronger, increase technique and confidence whilst improving overall fitness.


Nutritional plans designed to achieve weight loss, fuel fitness levels, increase strength and muscle growth.


Tailored training programmes designed to improve all fitness levels, shape your body or increase strength and muscle growth.

Online Training

Online training support that comprises of programmes, nutrition plans and online progress sessions; to track your ever changing body.

Why should you have a personal trainer?

The answer is simple to improve yourself you need to understand how and follow in the footsteps of a trained professional. With my help I will highlight what is needed to change your gym programme, nutritional habits and plan the way you feel about exercise.

Personal Training is not about putting people through gruelling workouts and complicated unhelpful ‘diet plans’. It is a tool to be used to educate and help people change their lifestyle for the better.

Trainers teach you new things, so I will always keep you motivated and interested in the gym whilst also providing realistic goals and challenges along the way. Having a trainer will keep you from plateauing, as there will always be a new workout up my sleeve to keep you having fun and seeing results! Pushing your own individual limits and correcting form along the way, when you think you cant do anymore theres a way of always finding a few more reps or seconds of an exercise!

Having a trainer is having an objective eye. We all have areas we’d like to work on, so with my knowledge and skills to execute each exercise to tailor your specific weaknesses this will change quickly and efficiently. With the skills I possess I can not only tell you realistically what to expect with each workout, but also how to optimise each session.

If you are serious about changing, I am serious about training and changing people. Each individual goal maybe different, but the outcome and input should always be the same. You need to commit to something to produce something great.

If you think you're ready , contact Ben today

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